"Some people hear voices.. Some see invisible people.. Others have no imagination whatsoever." - Author Unknown.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gypsy Window Hanging, Thingy, Whatyoumightcallitmacallit

I spent a couple of days trying to work out my design for 'this'.  I had an idea of what I wanted so I toyed with it and this is what I came up with.  I love it! I have never fallen in love with any of my own pieces of  * cough (ahem) 'art' but I love, love, love this one.  I might actually have to clean my bedroom window and hang it up because I can't stop looking at it.

A closer view of the wired wrapped glass discs

It looks so pretty and enchanting when the sun light fliters through and in some places bounces off the discs and crystals.  The Copper pipes and brass bells sound magical. *sigh*


  1. beautiful and interesting pieces of art work

  2. Wimmera, Thank you so much. I've just started another one which I will put up 'For Sale'. I will post better pictures since I replaces the lost usb cabe for my camera. This picture as taken with my cell phone which does this piece no justice at all.

    Thank you agan for your kind comment.