"Some people hear voices.. Some see invisible people.. Others have no imagination whatsoever." - Author Unknown.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Raven and Pig

Note: This makes me very sad.  I wrote this  after watching a documentary about animals bred, raised and slaughtered for food.  One particular pig stood out for me so this is her story.  There are no happing endings here.    I will be forever haunted by what I saw.  This piece is copyrighted so please do not copy it unless by permission.

Raven and Pig  
by P. Najafabadi 

Raven sits at the highest point in the tree,
stretching out shining black wings to be warmed by the sun
he looks down
watching, waiting for Pig

It is her turn

Pig doesn't understand what's happening
she just knows that she's afraid

she can hear the screams of other pigs
she senses their fear and it feeds into her own

she smells the hot coppery scent of blood in the air
mixed with terror

the man screams at her

he beats her across her back with his stick

he kicks her

she is so terrified  her bowels let loose right where she stands

she turns around  trying  to escape the man

in her panic she slips on her own excrement and falls on her side

the man is enraged

and he continues to beat her with his stick
and kicks at her as she struggles to get up

bruised and bloody

in pain and terrified

she is herded to an awful place

jammed into a filthy, bloody box

 a bolt is rammed into her head and she is stunned 

her leg is shacked

she is hoisted by one leg into the air 
and her throat is  cut

 still conscience

she struggles violently while suspended helplessly

as the blood gushes from her neck
hot and salty it stings her eyes

Raven waits patiently for the precise moment for when Pig gives in to death

then lifts his head towards heaven
releases a long scream  in protest of her murder

then he sweeps down gathering her essence

and carries her away on his shining black wings

away from wicked men
whose hearts are hard and eyes too blinded by greed
to see Pig and her sweet sensitive spirit
for the gift that she was.

Raven looks down on the empty shells of men knowing that they are already long dead

for they had murdered their own souls the moment they murdered their first pig

P. Najafabadi
Jan. 19, 2011


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