"Some people hear voices.. Some see invisible people.. Others have no imagination whatsoever." - Author Unknown.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Gypsy Heart

In my heart I'm one of those spontaneous  people who would love nothing better than travel around  The European Union.  To be able to live in each country for a year or two. Just long enough to really experience the culture,  like I did in Scotland for just over two years. -But-  due my disabilities I am no longer able to work in the health care field, which is the only work I know.  Because of this I am wretchedly poor, therefore I am now forever grounded in America.  To be perfectly honest I don't mind being poor because I am perfectly suited for a minimalist life in a Gypsy Caravan. It would still  allow me to travel, just not across The Atlantic.  Other than my crafting, jewelry making, sewing and art supplies how much does someone like me really need to be content?

I can see myself  moseying along at a leisurely pace with my dogs. I would be perfectly content to cook beans, rice and bread  on a portable grill or camp fire or even a solar oven.

 I have the 'toilet issue' all figured out. A compost toilet of course.

 I would need just enough power for my Laptop, eReader, MP3 player & cell phone so at least two solar panels would be a must-have.  Solar lamp with LED bulbs could be charged in the windows or outside during the daylight hours to be used at night.

  Isn't this just beautiful?

My Dream Home is a house on wheels.  If you've guessed by now that I have commitment issues you would be correct.  I love the idea of having the freedom of being able to pull up my steps and simply roll away.  It allows me the breathe.  

 Who wouldn't love to have tea at this table?

or this table?

I can see myself tucked in this bed, with my dogs,  under the very afghan that I crochet myself,  reading books, listening to Mozart,  Beethoven, Classic Rock, Folk Songs from a bygone era  or even better,  nature's sympathy of night sounds.

~A most beautiful dream~

If I were 10 years younger, before my back surgeries I would have been able to build one of these myself.
I wish my sons were  just a wee bit more interested in helping me make my flights-of-fancy a reality.
I'm a free spirit who was never really suited to be a wife or a mother.  Oh, I'm not sorry that I had my boys, never was I sorry that I had them.   I'm just saying that I was never meant to live within the confines of convention.  I'm too unsettled and I yearn to take flight. I'm not at rest nor at peace because I feel trapped in a life of which I don't belong.  I feel caged and sometimes panicky, like I can't breathe behind these stationary walls.



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