"Some people hear voices.. Some see invisible people.. Others have no imagination whatsoever." - Author Unknown.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Debt Collectors -and- My Lazy Ass Alter Ego

I've been sick with a particularly nasty cold for the past week.  Feeling lightheaded and feverish I went to lay down.  Just when I was about ready to slide into a twilight my phone rings.   I answer it.  The voice on the other end of the phone immediately started to ask me personal questions which I refused to answer until she identified herself.  Turns out she was a Debt Collector.  She then tells me that I owe  $2000 to a private school called The Sanford Brown Institute.  I told her that I've never attended Sanford  Brown.  She said: Yes you did,  back in 1992 .   I insisted that I had not.

Could it be that I have an alter ego who attended The Sanford Brown Institute back in 1992? And could it be that she is  the one who's been hiding my car keys?  And  come to think about it;  would it kill her wash the dishes or run the vacuum sweeper once in a while?  Of all alternate personality in the world if figures that mine would be a slothful-key-hiding  Bitch.

Anyways, since I have no memory of ever going to The Sanford Brown Institute 19 years ago it must be a really lousy school  so I told her that I refuse to pay and told her never to call me again.  She said:  'I will keep calling you until you pay'.  I said: Fine, I am going to block your number.  She said: I will find out your other phone number and call it.  I said: Good Luck with that because I don't have another number but do feel free to contact me  by mail.'  And then I hung up quick because I love having the last word.

I then did what anyone in my position that has an Android phone would do.
I  downloaded a Number Blocking App.  &  blocked the number that was on my Caller ID and just to be 100% sure that she could never call me again from any other phone I  blocked all three of  the Houston Texas area codes.

I love technology.

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