"Some people hear voices.. Some see invisible people.. Others have no imagination whatsoever." - Author Unknown.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Did I do that?

Today I was terrorized by Facebook.

I found photos in my album that I did not add.   I know I didn't add these photos because (A). I don't remember doing it. (B).  I never seen these photos before.

So naturally  I was ready to blame the person who's been hiding my keys. I've never actually seen her...
 ....but I know she's here!

but again, I digress.

It turns out that any Facebook user can totally mess with your head by 'tagging' you thereby adding a picture/s to your photo album without your permission or knowledge and worse... you can not delete the photos they add! Sounds like Communism to me!

Thanks Facebook, like I really need someone else messing with my head.

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