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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nightmares, Zombies -and- Dream Houses

This outside wall would be absolutely perfect except for one detail, My reoccurring nightmares are not about   Vampires.  They are always  about Zombies.

For the past 35 years any time I am under stress I have  nightmares of being chased by fleshing eating zombies (I wonder if there's an app for that)?  Anyways,  the dream is always the same.  I am  running away from a horde of zombies  into what is suppose to be my house.  In my nightmare my house looks like the one in the picture below: 

As you can see most of the doors are missing and those that are still hanging do not close securely.  The  walls are of wooden slats with big gaping spaces between them. Any hungry zombie could easily slip through.  It's just not an ideal piece of real estate for one who wants to avoid becoming the main course in a zombie buffet.

So, I went house hunting.

I really like this house, it's made from old discarded windows,  it's  cute and rustic in a showy exhibitionist sort-of-way.  It would make a wonderful green house but not it's not Zombie proof so moving right along...

Then I ran across this  adorable little house.  I  could defiantly see myself living here after  a few minor adjustments like steel bars on the doors and windows. 

This is adorable. I like the fact that it's on wheels. Attached to the right truck one could outrun even the most athletic of Zombies.

 I saved the best for last.   Although not the most aesthetically pleasing this house is the most practical.  If more Zombies than I'm comfortable with should show up for dinner I could always just pull up the ladder and  'lift off' to another city, state or even planet. 

Options, I like options.

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